Justin Gage | TyrantWatch

Sen. Marco Rubio won the Puerto Rico Republican Primary on Sunday, collecting 23 delegates in the process.  Due to the overwhelming nature of the victory, Rubio was able to secure all 23 delegates.  The win was just the second for the Rubio campaign, which has produced subpar results in every other state so far. 

Rubio has faced calls from front-runner Donald Trump and main challenger Sen. Ted Cruz to drop out of the race in recent days.  Rubio has maintained that he will win the Florida Primary (his home state) on March 15, despite recent polls showing him as many as 20 percentage points behind.  Rubio’s attempt to win Florida was further hurt over the weekend, when the Cruz campaign announced the opening of 10 campaign offices and more events throughout the state.

In the Democratic race, Bernie Sanders scored a decisive victory in the Maine Caucus.  Polling results have Sanders winning by nearly 30%.  The win was his fifth in a Caucus state, and eighth overall (out of 19).  This represents somewhat of a trend for Sen. Sanders.  He appears to perform better in states that hold a Caucus rather than a Primary election.  A possible reason for this that passion plays such a large roll in the Caucus process, with ordinary citizens addressing attendees during the process.

The Democrats also held a debate Sunday night in Flint, MI.  Flint, of course, has been dealing with a poisoned water crisis that has turned into a political blame-game.  Sanders was much more animated this time around, attacking Clinton for supporting Wall Street, bad trade deals and her and her husbands support of the “1994 Crime Bill”, which minorities have seen incarcerate many of its young citizens.  Clinton, for the most part, was forced to stay defensive throughout the evening as Sanders continued to push forward.  


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