Justin Gage | TyrantWatch

Donald Trump won the South Carolina Republican Primary on Saturday, garnering 33.5% of votes. First-term Senators Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz were locked in a fierce battle for second place, but well-placed endorsements eventually helped Rubio (22.5%) edge Cruz (22.3%) slightly.

Interestingly, Trump is receiving wide support from people of all backgrounds. Trump was the most favored candidate among Christians and veterans. He even won the most Catholic-identifying county in South Carolina, despite the Pope questioning Trump’s faith just days before the contest.

With Trump winning two of the first three primaries, and getting over 30% of the vote in each win, he has further solidified himself as the likely Republican nominee. Even Trump said he could “run the table” if he was able to secure a victory in South Carolina. Only three Republican primary candidates have ever won both New Hampshire and South Carolina. Of those three, two were Pres. George H.W. Bush and President Ronald Reagan, and one was the eventual Republican nominee (John McCain in 2008).

Trump will have challenges though. Florida, Texas and Ohio are widely considered some the most decisive states that are left undecided. Florida Sen. Marco Rubio, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz and Ohio Gov. John Kasich are well regarded in their home states.

There is something very positive, regardless of which candidate you support, that early results seem to indicate. What looks to be happening is a shift in our political thought process, where a citizen’s vote is based more on policy rather than an individual person. Hillary is ahead despite being regarded as the most dishonest of candidates, even amongst supporters. Republican-frontrunner Trump is a billionaire real estate mogul who, in recent years, has been a reality tv star. It is very encouraging that Americans are starting to view elections as more than a popularity contest. Let’s keep moving forward.


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