You may be on the fence about purchasing a GPS unit because of the costs. But another thing that may hold you back is because you doubt that GPS will provide maps that are always accurate.Although that is true, one thing you must understand about GPS technologies is that they are far more than just digital maps (i.e. a direct imposition of traditional maps onto a computer interface). No siree! GPS technologies are dynamic.We’ve all been in situations where a path we’ve normally traveled has some detours, or perhaps an exit on a highway has been shut down, etc. The worst is when we are traveling to a new location for the first time and massive detours may have been setup to make it more difficult for you to find where you need to go.The next best thing to having a friend to follow to your destination, is to have a GPS device. Now granted, the maps on the GPS will not always 100 percent reflect current scenarios for road traveling situations such as showing all the detours, closed exits, or bridges that may be out, etc. What it can do is recalculate or recalibrate a new path for you based on information you tell it.If you are forced to take a different path for instance, you stop by somewhere and park, and enter in information regarding information you’ve discovered on your travel. The GPS will then calculate new routes for you to get to the same destination. This applies even if you simply missed a turn or two and not because of external factors like detours, etc.Over time this utility becomes an indispensable part of anyone’s travel tool chest.

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