Before you jump in with both feet and purchase a GPS unit, it’s important to take a few things in to consideration.How much data do you need? Let’s rephrase that, think in terms of your cell phone plan. Every plan is different and offers different plans accordingly. Some are regional, some are for specific states, and some are nation wide while further others provide plans allowing you to communicate to anyone in the world.Similarly for GPS, you need to consider what coverage you want in terms of where you will be needing this satellite based directional guides. Do you travel frequently within one or two big cities, or does your work or personal life take you beyond- to unknown corners of the nation or the world?There is no standardization in terms of maps available and preloaded- it varies depending on which models and which companies you buy your GPS from.On top of that you need to consider how much features you need to use for your GPS. Do you want something that works out of the box and gives you clear and concise instructions on how to get from point A to B, or do you want to hack away and use some advanced features as well? This and more will need to be factored into your purchase decision.

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