Here are some machine-gun-quick reasons why you need to get yourself a GPS unit today!1. Time and money saving features (gas, travel time) far outweighs the price2. Good resolution, good screen quality without being a distraction3. Able to save information that you use often so you don’t have to repeatedly add new information4. More than enough memory for the average users needs, usually has maps built-in or downloadable5. Portable in size so that you can use it as a mount for your vehicle, or even as a handheld (varies)6. Provides estimation as to when you will arrive at your destination7. Doesn’t just give you a list of restaurants and other hotspots in general terms, but relative to your location gives you exact directions and time estimates8. Can configure what you want to AVOID: toll roads, highways, etc9. In conjunction with a satellite service, provides fantastic accuracy in helping you get where you need to10. Instead of printing out online maps and either having to make pitstops to read it or have a friend in passenger seat read instructions, the GPS unit will read instructions to you in crystal clear formatSo there you have it, some lightning quick reasons why you should go out and get yourself a GPS receiver today!

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