Not only do I have a cell phone, but I can now use this phone to find my destination point, services, and restaurants. I, and many others, have needed a restroom when they are out and about. Unfortunately you can’t possibly always know where to find a clean, decent restroom that you’d want to use.Now Verizon has a new application called Vindigo City Guide. You can open the application, enter your city or zip code and you get a list of nearby public restrooms. Not only do you get this list, but you get directions to all of them and descriptions of the facilities.Of course, you must pay for this privilege. The cost is $2.99 a month plus taxes and fees. Also, you must be in a major metropolitan area for the list to work. Philadelphia and New York are contained in the data base but, Atlantic City is not included. The guide really only works in the city. Rural areas are not listed at all.The restaurant guide provides cuisine and reviews, as well as, directions. The service directory lists mechanics and hair stylists.While mapquest is quite useful when you are at a computer, I find this and the GPS technology to be the best ‘new technology’ around. I can always use driving directions. I hate getting lost. Since I am and many others carry a cell phone regularly, we can just ask our phone and get the answer.

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